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King David! His tremendous contributions to History


David was a young shepherd, who was well known for being a musician. He would later become one of the greatest men in history by defeating the enemy champion Goliath. Throughout the Bible, King David is considered to be the greatest and most ideal king that Israel has ever had. He is often presented as […]

J’esus (Français)


La personne la plus unique Jésus-Christ est souvent comparé à d’autres prophètes et enseignants, mais Il est la plus unique personne de tous les temps. Tout, depuis Sa naissance jusqu’à Sa mort fut miraculeux et fit de Jésus cet homme unique. Jesus est né d’une vierge –une impossibilité naturelle. Avant le mariage de Sa mère […]


jerusalem Shop - Forgiveness

Carrying around resentment, anger, and hate is bad for our own emotional and spiritual well being. To forgive is to lift a weight from ourselves and someone else. It is also a necessary tool for successful relationships and general life happiness. Most of us have moments of blind stubbornness and all we can feel is […]