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jerusalem rosaries

Who or what is Jerusalem Christian gift shop?


We are Christian Family; Michael & Linda. Michael is a minister of the gospel and is currently pastoring a church here in the old city of Jerusalem.

It seems we use the Internet for about everything anymore. So, when it came to searching for a great selection of Christian gifts and other apparel and Christian family products, we realized that even at the more significant outlets there were limited choices.

So, an idea was born – Open our store on the Internet offering people just what they were looking for: Great Christian Gifts selection, Low prices. Non-inflated shipping charges and quick service.

Our products are top of the line! And handmade in the Holy land! Our apparel comes from Jerusalem and The Holy land area.

Why Christian gifts?

Choosing Christian gifts for someone is a beautiful gesture of love. By presenting them with a gift of faith, you are offering God’s blessing to come into their lives.

By reading the story surrounding each of the Christian gifts available, you are sure to learn some new things, even if you are a well educated Christian, and we hope that you will share any new knowledge with all of your family and friends.

The intent of all the gifts on our site is strengthening the Christian faith of those who come to our site seeking inspiration, and also those they bestow these wonderful gifts upon.

personalized Christian gift

You can give a gift that shows you care while at the same time, reminding others of your faith and theirs.

Who wouldn’t love to share their beliefs and celebrate that with someone they care about by giving religious inspirational gifts? The best part is that these Christian inspirational gifts are fully customizable.

You can select personalized Christian gifts for everyone on your list. This gives you the freedom to design a true one-of-a-kind gift that will be cherished both now and in the years to come.

If you are looking for truly uplifting inspirational gifts to share with people in your life, you can select from our Handmade Christian Jewelry collection and other Christian products.

In addition to Christian t-shirts and Christian books, there are many other items that make great gifts or even purchases for yourself like olive wood cross necklace, we carry one of the most unique jerusalem rosary made in jerusalem by local christian craftsman. 

Show your love and faith by wearing Christian clothing from Our Store or by giving gifts from the heart that you select on Our website.
Personalized Christian gifts are a great way to show that you care and that you are proud of your religion and your beliefs. Give the gift that keeps giving with a customized piece the receiver can look at time and time again and remember the good message inscribed.
Jerusalem Christian Gifts has excellent ideas for gift-giving that every Christian will appreciate.

Spread some of God’s love this season by giving holiday gifts selected from the Christian Gift Shop


The olive wood rosary from Jerusalem has many religious and spiritual benefits, including being able to provide you with protection.

Jerusalem rosary beads are believed to be able to protect your soul when used for prayer or meditation.

Jerusalem cross rosary can also help people focus their thoughts on God during difficult times in their lives.

Jerusalem rosaries can also provide people with good fortune.

The Jerusalem rosary is often seen as a symbol of luck and good fortune.

Many people believe that the Jerusalem rosary has the ability to help them overcome any evil in their lives.

The Jerusalem rosary is a beautiful and unique way to pray the rosary. It is based on the traditional Catholic rosary but has some special features that make it unique to Jerusalem. The prayers are based on biblical passages about Jerusalem, and the beads are shaped like crosses with different symbols of Jerusalem on them.

Jerusalem Rosaries Gift Store Address

We are Located at the heart of the old city of Jerusalem, holy land, we want to be your connection whatever you are with the holy city Jerusalem and Jesus Christ, we offer handcrafted, blessed rosaries made by hand in Jerusalem.
Address : 
Shivtei Israel 12,
Jerusalem, Israel.