jerusalem Shop - Forgiveness

Carrying around resentment, anger, and hate is bad for our own emotional and spiritual well being.

To forgive is to lift a weight from ourselves and someone
else. It is also a necessary tool for successful relationships and general life happiness.

Most of us have moments of blind stubbornness and all we can feel is our
own pain and injustice. We take all these negative emotions and smash them into a little ball that we carry around in our hearts and hanging on our subconscious.

Forgiveness is what God gave to the human race when we were too blind to see his glory here on earth. He was wise enough to see above selfish pain, grudges or
vengeance and He gave us a glorious example of the love and forgiveness.

When someone on is wronged or betrayed, they suffer emotional wounds which can give feelings such as anger, guilt, rage, resentment, or shame. Forgiving a wrong or betrayal is a process of emotional healing where such painful feelings are worked
through and ultimately resolved. Forgiving for the sake of our own inner healing and well being is important. forgiveness is beautiful.


jerusalem Shop - Forgiveness


Forgiving happens inside the person who does it. Forgiving welcomes but does not depend upon the apology of the one who you have been injured by.

We can forgive in our hearts before we ever say the words ÔÇťI forgive.ÔÇŁ it does not matter if you choose to express forgiveness directly to the one who has injured
you, because you will feel it deeply either way.

Give it a try, forgive someone who has wronged you or forgive yourself for the wrong you have done.

Some of the most beautiful relationships and moments are born of forgiveness and after all, we are all just human beings who sin and make mistakes.

good luck and success in the self-forgiveness and that of others!